Queer Poetry Jam 23.8.

Helsinki Poetry Connection proudly presents; third time lucky, passionate, emotions-filled and epic QUEER POETRY JAM

Fresh, aspiring queer poetry from the UK and Finland. Experiencing spoken word that dwells into humanity, equality and diversity…amongst other things.

Following the long-lasting Poetry Jam tradition, there’ll be Open Mic. Everyone’s warmly welcome to participate, particularly queer poetry enthusiasts and performers and people inspired by the theme of the Jam. The night is a celebration of queer arts, highlighting the rich diversity of queer and reinforcing the community. Some of the performances might include themes and topics that are difficult, challenging, personal or taboo which might trigger some people present. Queer Poetry Jam follows the etiquette of safer space, aiming to create a supportive and warm event for everyone. Open Mic has 10 slots, five to sign-up beforehand and five on the night. The length of each open mic slot is 3-5 minutes. To sign-up, email: therru.mai@gmail.com

There’ll be a photographer present all night. Please inform the organisers if you wish not to appear on any photos.

Cafe Mascot is accessible for wheelchair users. There’s a unisex/accessible toilet with a step free access.

Safer Space:
Poetry Jam, like all Helsinki Poetry Connection’s events, is a safer space, aiming to be free from any discrimination. We don’t accept any racist or hateful content or behaviour. We aim to challenge rather than reinforce sexism, racism, homophobia, transphobia, ableism, and other minority-based oppression. Queer Poetry Jam is an event for poets and audiences to explore and encounter ideas together. Feedback is welcomed.


Nelli Ruotsalainen
Nelli is a Helsinki based poet and feminist, known from various queer events. She’s the founder of Pesä Publishing and her new collection “Täällä en pyydä enää anteeksi” will be out in September 2018.

Dialectic Dee
Dialectic Dee is a young spoken word artist from London who aims to use the performing arts for more than just entertainment purposes but rather as a tool to positively impact change

Keith Jarret
Keith is commonly mistaken for a jazz pianist. He balances between performance poet, short fiction writer, aspiring novelist and educator, among other things. He is also a former UK slam champion.

DJ:T Kobran Kädet

DJ duo Kobran Kädet will keep us moving and hips from lying all night with their epic set.

Tietäjät tietää//Seers will see

Queer Poetry Jam is produced and hosted by Roope Hattu and Nihkee Akka

In collaboration with Runokuu

The event is finished.

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